AWS S3 Integration


Today, we’re excited to announce a new integration with AWS that gives Unit clients their raw data so they can build custom reporting solutions and make informed business decisions. This integration provides all of your data uploaded daily into an AWS S3 bucket, eliminating the need to build a sequence of API calls to obtain data.


Taking a financial product to market is just the beginning. To succeed, founders and decision makers have to answer dozens of questions. While the Dashboard provides an overview with easy searching and filtering, having access to the raw data enables you to gain deeper business insights such as:

  • Which end-customer cohorts and marketing campaigns created the highest revenue?

  • How does pricing (interest, payment fees and rewards programs) affect engagement?

  • Which end-customers are most engaged and deserve to be promoted to your "VIP" terms? (example: higher cash-back)

  • Which merchants do your end-customers spend most on?

  • How do different end-customers segments use ACH, wire, and check deposits differently?

We’ve structured the data so it’s easy to put it into business intelligence or data visualization tools to analyze and gain insights. The data includes application form data, application status data, transaction information, and more to do robust analysis on any part of the banking offering. In addition, for companies that securely store personally identifiable information, KYC information can also be securely transferred.

If you’re interested in accessing your data with our AWS integration, you can learn more in our guide and connect with your success manager to get it enabled and set up.

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