Monthly Recap

Product Updates: October 2021


We had a very busy month making it easier to get started with Unit, improving the end-user experience, and enabling more control in the Dashboard.

The most exciting features we have released this month include a new open-source Python SDK, that is now available on Github, as well as the ability to add cards to mobile wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay) easily and seamlessly from your app.

  • Python SDK: Build your product faster by using Unit's open source Python SDK (you may contribute to it on GitHub).

  • Seamless addition of cards to mobile wallets: Allow your customers to add their cards to mobile wallets (Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay) by tapping a button in your app.

  • Card level limits: Enjoy more flexibility and control over card spend by defining daily and monthly limits for each card.

  • Dashboard upgrades: You now have the ability to better manage cards and accounts (freeze / unfreeze / close).

  • New "No-PII" user role: You can now assign a role to your support agents that minimizes unneeded exposure to sensitive data.

Visit our features page to learn about existing capabilities, and explore our future releases using our public roadmap.

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