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Today we’re excited to announce that we are now making charge card issuing available through the Unit platform to help companies build better financial services for businesses. 

Nearly half of all card payments are made on credit cards. For companies building financial services, charge cards represent a natural first step in offering credit accessed through a card. This creates a new opportunity to deliver innovative products, generate more revenue, and create customer loyalty.

With a single API call, you can have a custom-designed, fully programmable charge card delivered straight to your customer’s door. All of the printing, servicing, disputes, and compliance are handled by Unit, behind the scenes.  

Our charge card product is built on top of Unit’s native ledger and issuing capabilities; that means it works seamlessly with all the other features available on our platform. For example, programmatic authorization of transactions, rewards, limits, customer segmentation, tagging, and card management all work exactly the same way on charge cards as they do on debit cards—no additional work required.

Charge cards require the entire balance to be repaid in full every month and there are no financing fees allowed. For now, charge cards will be offered to businesses only. Over time, we plan to enable revolving credit, credit building capabilities, financing fees, the ability to issue credit cards to consumers, and much more.

If you’re interested in building charge cards into your product please contact us or reach out to your Customer Success Manager. 

If you’d like to learn more about lending read our lending guide, and to learn about charge cards specifically please read our blog post, charge card documentation, and technical guide.

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