Cards API

Improvements to card management and transactions


We’ve recently improved some of our card management and transaction features so it’s easier to build great card-based customer experiences.

  • Programmatic authorization of card transactions - Now you’re able to participate in the decision process of card authorizations. Previously this capability only applied to purchases, so we’ve extended it to card transactions as well. For example, you can now programmatically act on transactions from peer-to-peer services (like Venmo or CashApp) and gig economy employee payouts (Ride sharing, deliveries etc.). (docs)

  • Authorization events - We have significantly increased visibility into the authorization process. Now, authorization resources are exposed, even if the request was never approved, and events are fired with any change to the authorization, whether it’s declined, changed, or canceled. (docs)

  • Show sensitive data for physical cards - We’ve made it simple to display the full card number and CVV2 for activated physical cards, just like virtual cards, without needing to worry about PCI compliance. (docs)

  • PINs for virtual cards - In some instances, using a virtual card from a mobile wallet requires the user to provide a PIN (typically for larger purchases on a physical store, with a PIN pad). To support that use case, we have enabled the option to set PINs on virtual cards. (docs)

These new enhancements should enable more instant, easy, and creative card-based solutions to be created.

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