API Integrations

Partner API Token


Today we’re excited to announce the launch of Partner API Tokens, which give companies building on Unit the ability to grant partners access to user-permissioned data from shared customers in a secure and reliable way. This feature is available across all of Unit’s bank partners.

Partner API Tokens work by allowing partners to request access to a data point on a shared customer and receive that data directly and securely from Unit. This helps partners more easily integrate into Unit’s growing ecosystem and deliver seamless experiences for shared customers. As a result, companies building on Unit will gain access to a wider selection of solutions that can be integrated faster. 

Partner API Tokens enable new functionalities like the following: 

  • Partners focused on data enrichment, like Heron Data, can integrate with Unit to get transaction data and provide customers better data for more delightful experiences.

  • Rewards partners, like Kard, Patch, and Bumped, can access shared customer data to deliver cashback and other perks more efficiently. 

  • Partners specializing in investments, like Alpaca and Apex, can streamline transaction-based investing.

If you’re a partner interested in using Partner API tokens to integrate with the Unit ecosystem, read our guide and contact Unit to get started.

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