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Today, we’re excited to announce a new development environment that lets anyone build banking in minutes with real funds. The new, first-of-its-kind, pilot environment helps companies create live bank accounts and issue cards instantly.

We’ve heard from many clients that the magic moment for them was when they were able to create a debit card, add it to Apple Pay and make a real purchase. While instant account creation and use is available for banking apps like AngelList or Mos, the banking infrastructure that powers them lacked that experience. Today, we’re changing this with the ability to create an account, get an API key, and build experiences that use real funds to make real world transactions. There’s never been a better way to build a banking proof-of-concept and get that ‘aha’ moment.

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Build faster

Unit was founded on the idea that building banking shouldn’t take 18 months and a seven-figure investment. This new pilot environment extends that idea to enable anyone to build accounts, cards, payments and more with real funds immediately.

Pilot environment

We have opened up our platform to allow developers to immediately sign up, onboard, issue a card, fund an account, and more. The pilot environment provides the same capabilities available on the production environment, with some limitations.

Builders using pilot will have access to the same core features also available in the sandbox and production environments; create accounts, issue virtual cards, fund accounts, make payments, and more. Physical cards will be coming to the pilot environment in [Q1 2022].

Start building now

With cheaper, easier, and faster access to banking infrastructure there’s never been a better time for fintech founders and product, engineering, and design teams at software companies to build banking. Sign up now to start building in the pilot environment today!

Use our docs, getting started guide, Node.js SDK, Python SDK, and Postman collection to build even faster.

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