Monthly Recap

Product Update: April 2022


It’s been a busy month at Unit. Since our last newsletter, we’ve been working hard on fulfilling our customers' product requests, shipping Early Payment Access, a new AWS S3 integration, Sponsored Interest, and Deposit Account Control Agreements—just to name a few.

When our customers give us feedback, we take it seriously. Make sure to check out our product roadmap for the latest information on what we’re building over the coming quarter. You can also leave feedback or subscribe to get product updates.

Early Payment Access - When a customer receives an ACH payment with a settlement date in the future, such as a paycheck, a webhook event notifies you of the opportunity to provide access to the funds instantly. For customers you determine are eligible, you can immediately send them the funds, by making a single API call. (docs)


AWS S3 Integration - Our new AWS S3 integration gives Unit clients access to row-level data to build custom reporting solutions and make informed business decisions. This integration provides a daily upload into an AWS S3 bucket. (guide)

Pilot and Sandbox videos - We’ve released a few videos to make launching banking even easier. Follow along to learn how to:

  • Set up sandbox with sample data (video)

  • Run simulations in sandbox (video)

  • Go from zero to making a real purchase in pilot mode (video)

Deposit Account Control Agreement (DACA) - Allow your customers to implement a DACA, which grants control of their accounts and funds to another party. We provide 3 new endpoints that allow you to specify whether an account is subject to a DACA, activate the DACA, and deactivate it. (docs)

Support for Trusts - We updated our API, white-labeled application form, and compliance workflows to enable creating bank accounts owned by revocable trusts. Onboarding trusts requires unique data and documents and now you're able to easily onboard and create banking for revocable trusts. (docs)

Dashboard updates - The Unit Dashboard is getting a new look. We are gradually releasing improvements to our Dashboard's usability, as well as its look and feel. Upon logging in to sandbox, pilot, or your live environment you will already see a new navigation and features.

  • New product updates: Product announcements (like this) are now available from the lightning bolt in the top right navigation.

  • Developer tools: The organization settings, webhooks, API tokens, and docs are available in the top right navigation.

  • Account settings: Managing users and your password, and logging out are available in the top right navigation by clicking on your profile.

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