White-Label UI Components
Monthly Recap

Product Update: April 2023

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White Label UIs: Components for iOS. With these customizable building blocks, you can easily build banking and lending into your iOS app, accelerating your time to market. This has been one of our most requested functionalities. (docs)


White-Label UIs: Deposit checks for Web. You can now enable check deposits on web. Pro-tip: Easily enable mobile check deposit by using a web view in mobile apps to load the check deposit component. (docs)

Hurdlr integration. Provide better financial management tools to small businesses and freelancers. Through our seamless integration with Hurdlr, you can now offer your customers a better way to manage their finances, such as expense tracking, invoicing, accounting, financial reporting, taxes, and more, without having to build additional tools or data connections. (docs)

Received Payments data. We’ve added new data to Received Payments. In the Dashboard, you can now see the addenda, receivingEntityName, and counterpartyAccountNumber. We also added the receivingEntityName and counterpartyAccountNumber to the API response. This new data can help your operations teams and customers more easily understand incoming payments. (docs

Facilitators in Transaction Enrichment. There’s new enrichment data available on some card transactions. When a transaction includes a facilitator such as a delivery service, POS system, or payment processor, the facilitator and the merchant are both included in the payload. Using this data can help customers more easily recognize transactions they’ve made. (docs)

Card Currency Conversion. When a card is used to make a purchase in a currency other than USD, the authorization and transaction data now includes the original currency, the amount in the original currency, and the conversion rate. Showing the original amounts provides clarity and reduces customer confusion. (docs)

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