Monthly Recap

Product Update: February


Intuit integration - Our newest integration, with Quickbooks and Mint, will make it easier for your customers to find and connect their accounts with your service to pull in transaction, balance, and account information. The ability to easily connect to your service helps businesses who want more seamless bookkeeping, as well as independent workers and individuals who want to better manage their personal finances. Implementing the integration is no-code and is as simple as emailing us your logo. (blog, guide)

Bulk payments - The API now supports bulk payments, where a single call can create multiple payments. Bulk payments supports ACH, book, and wire payments; with a single call being able to create all 3 if desired. Webhook events provide job status notifications as well as notifications of payment failures and rejections. (docs)

More transaction data - We added new fields for ecommerce and cardPresent information to be present in purchase data. Now you can programmatically authorize purchases or create reporting using these new data fields. (docs)

New functionality in the Dashboard

Account limits - When looking at a customers account in the Dashboard you can now see their card, ACH, and check deposit limits. The new pop-out display will show you how much of their daily and monthly limits they have already used for 7 different payments categories.

Archive customers - Customers who have a closed account can now be archived, making their entire account read-only and not able to be reopened (a new application would be required to provide services to that customer again). (docs)

Transactions table improvements - We've improved the transactions table in the Dashboard to create a more consistent experience. The home screen, customer section, and account section are all the same now, and that experience includes exports respecting the current filter selection. (check it out)


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