Monthly Recap

Product Update: February 2024


Recurring Repayments. You can now enable automatic repayment for your end-customer. This allows them to schedule automatic repayments for a card balance at any time. The update applies to all Unit credit products. (docs)

Credit Applications. Unit now makes it easier to create a credit application for your customers so they can apply for credit products such as Business Charge Cards. There are two different types of applications available: One for existing customers and one for new customers who are in the process of applying. To learn more about offering a lending product, please contact your Customer Success Manager. (docs)

Dashboard support for Enhanced Due Diligence. We now support Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) in the Dashboard. This update makes it easier for all customers to view the necessary information to identify bad actors during onboarding and transaction monitoring.

Payee Management Component and Microdeposits. It’s now easier to allow your customers to add external payees or counterparties and connect to their external bank account (using Plaid Link, microdeposits, or via account and routing numbers). (docs)

Wire Component. We’ve released a new White-Label Component that allows your customers to send wires. For enhanced security, every wire has built-in two-factor authentication (2FA). This Component is available in our White-Label App and for Web; soon, we’ll release it for Mobile. (docs

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