Accounts Payments API Dashboard Monthly Recap

Product Update: Hackathon


This is a special changelog, in addition to completing important customer requests, we also participated in an internal “hackathon".

Being builders yourselves, you know there are ideas that you are aching to get done, but the timing is never quite right. We identified 40 product enhancements and over the past couple of days our engineers focused on building these items that we wanted to get complete.

Our selection criteria was:

  • Each item should be completed in less than a day, and

  • All items should solve an actual problem we, or our clients, have experienced at least once over the last month

The changes range from internal tools that allow us to provide better, faster service, to API and Dashboard adjustments that empower you to build cool new features.

Notable improvements that you’ll see in our product are:

  • Programmatic bank verification letter - A new white-labeled UI in our platform, you’re now able to programmatically provide a bank verification letter confirming for customers their account creation and details. (docs)

  • Create application forms from existing applications - We now make it easy to continue completing an application in progress. You can create an application form from an existing application in order to more easily build secure document upload flows. (docs

  • Custom disclosures - Unit now supports adding custom disclosures to the application form, by configuring in the application form settings. (docs)

  • Improved searching in the Dashboard - We’ve improved the ability to search for incoming ACH, payments, accounts, applications, and customers. Now searches will look across more fields of data to help you find what you’re looking for more easily.

  • Managing cards and accounts in the Dashboard - The Dashboard now includes the ability to freeze and unfreeze both cards and accounts. Accounts can also be frozen, unfrozen, and reopened. Cards will automatically be frozen, unfrozen, and closed as accounts they are attached to experience those events.

  • Expanded support for authorized users - Now individual and sole proprietor entities can have an authorized user on their accounts without any prerequisites. For individual users, this can only be used for “power of attorney” purposes. (docs)

  • Include interchange on card purchase transactions - To make it easier to create custom rewards flows, we will enrich the transaction data with the amount of interchange revenue provided on purchases. (docs)

  • Unit compliance team efficiencies - To help us streamline compliance, we made numerous improvements to help the Unit compliance team make faster and more accurate decisions for applications and suspected fraud.

These updates, plus 30+ other improvements, are now live in Unit. Many of these improvements came as a direct response to customer feedback, if you have ideas of how we can improve Unit please let us know!

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