Monthly Recap

Product Update: January 2024


1099-INT. To make year-end reporting and tax prep simpler for your customers, we now automatically generate 1099-INT files. We’ve provided an API endpoint so you can make them easily accessible. (docs)

Passport verification. You can now automate the address and passport application flow for every application submitted with a passport or a Matricula ID. This update automates document verification, making the application review process more efficient.

Dashboard audit log. Every bank partner now has full access to our audit log via the Oversight Dashboard, which documents operational changes to customers and their accounts. This release continues to streamline and automate oversight and decisioning processes by providing an audit trail of every sensitive change with timestamps and users logged. 

White-Label UI Support for Transaction Enrichment. We updated our White-Label Activity Component and White-Label App to support Transaction Enrichment. You can now make it easier for your customers to recognize merchants on their transactions list and click in to see things like the merchant’s name, logo, physical address, spend category, and website. All customers who are building using our White-Label UIs can now turn on this feature with a single click, no additional engineering lift required. (changelog)

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