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Product Update: July 2021


We’re excited to share some new features shipped this month that will further simplify the development effort, expand support of financial products, and provide more flexibility to our clients. Among other updates, we launched our first White-Labeled UI – Application Form, enabled support for joint deposit accounts, and now allow clients to programmatically authorize card purchases as they occur.

Read more about these updates and others below.

  • White-Labeled UI – Application Form: Unit supports a fully customizable, white-labeled application form UI, suitable for individuals, sole proprietors, and businesses, designed to help you launch faster and give time back to developers. Read more about it in our blog post.

  • Programmatic Authorization of Card Purchases: Unit clients can now listen for authorization requests, review them programmatically, and decide whether to approve or decline the request based on the information that’s available on the authorization requests. This capability is disabled by default. If you are interested, contact us to enable it for your org.

  • Joint Deposit Accounts: Unit clients can now create deposit accounts owned by multiple individual customers. This supports multiple use cases, including accounts owned by spouses and joint accounts between a customer under 18 and a parent.

  • Controlling Customer API Token Expiry: Unit clients can now choose the expiry of customer tokens when they are created, by using the “expiresIn” field.

  • Get Account Balance History: We have created an API endpoint that allows clients to get the historical end-of-day balance for a specific account or customer. This endpoint can be used to visualize the balance in charts (see below).

  • Get Bank Details By Routing Number: You can now get financial institution details, including name, address, and whether it supports ACH payments and/or Wire transfers, using the routing number. This can be used to translate any routing number provided by a customer into human readable information the customer can verify. In addition, it can be used to disable certain financial products in case the counterparty bank does not support them.

  • Change Card PIN: You can now enable your customers to change the card PIN from the API.

  • Support Tags on Webhook Events: Events will now include the tags that were assigned to the resources they are related to. For instance, If you added a “purpose” tag to a card, it will be reflected on all future events related to that card.

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