Monthly Recap

Product Update: July 2023


Add Card to Mobile Wallet Component for iOS and Android. This feature makes it easy for your customers to add their cards to Apple Pay and Google Pay — which, in turn, can significantly increase usage. Similar to our other White-Label Components, the Add Card to Mobile Wallet Component includes both the frontend and backend, simplifying the design and development process. Using this Component can save you six weeks of design and development time versus building it yourself. (docs)

account.updated webhook. This webhook notifies you when an account is updated. The list of changes is provided in the changes attribute. (docs)

Cancel applications. Applications that are Pending, Pending Review, or Awaiting Documents can now be canceled through the Dashboard and the API. (docs)

White-Label Components support for Charge Cards. We’ve updated the Account, Activity, and Card Components so that companies building Charge Card experiences can use them. (docs)

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