Monthly Recap

Product Update: March 2022


Power of attorney - Individual accounts now support power of attorney by including the option to name a special authorized user who will be granted complete account access after proving they have power of attorney. Applications for individual accounts now include the power of attorney attribute and workflow to capture an executed power of attorney document. (docs)

Add/remove authorized users - We’ve added dedicated endpoints that enable you to easily add or remove authorized users. (docs)

jwtSubject in application forms - You can now add jwtSubject to the application form prefill, application creation, or application patch, making it easier to use JWT authentication when onboarding a new customer. (docs)

Astra integration - Funding newly opened accounts is critical for a positive user experience and customer adoption. Unit has partnered with Astra to enable easier and faster account funding. (learn more)

New functionality in the Dashboard

  • Check deposits - We now show a dedicated check deposit section in the dashboard. When a check deposit is initiated by a customer, it now appears there, along with status, check details, and check images.

  • Disputes - We now show a dedicated disputes section in the Dashboard; there you can click individual disputes to get dispute details.

  • Replace card - When a card is irreparably damaged your customer-support team can now initiate a card replacement in the dashboard; they will be mailed to your customer’s account address.

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