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Product Update: November 2022


We’re thrilled to announce that charge-card issuing is available through our platform.

Now, with a single API call, you can have custom-designed, fully programmable business charge cards delivered straight to your customer’s door. All of the printing, servicing, disputes, and compliance are streamlined by Unit, behind the scenes.

It’s an important milestone for our customers, as nearly half of all card payments in the US are made using credit cards (including charge cards). For software companies, charge cards can also represent a natural first step in offering financing to your customers.

Our charge-card product is built on top of Unit’s native ledger and issuing capabilities; that means it works seamlessly with all the other features available on our platform. Many features work exactly the same way on charge cards as they do on debit cards—no additional work required. (Read the full announcement)

Yodlee integration. Our no-code integration with Envestnet l Yodlee FastLink makes it easier for your customers to find and connect their bank accounts in a variety of financial apps and services, including Xero. (learn more integration. Allow your customers to accept online payments quickly and easily using Checkout's card processing capabilities. This integration allows payments to be sent directly to your customer's deposit account on Unit, handling sensitive information like card details securely so you don't have to. (docs

Balance available data in events. Now authorization, authorizationRequest, and transaction events include the balance available on the account. This enables decisions to be made and data to be displayed without having to make additional API calls to retrieve that data. For example, using data only from the event, you can now understand that an authorization request is more than the balance available and programmatically decline the request. (docs)

application.created event. A new event is available that notifies you when an application has been approved. This is especially useful when an application isn't immediately approved and next steps occur in a separate session from the application submission. (docs)

Tokens for specific resources. Customer tokens and Org tokens can now be scoped to limit their access to specific cards and account resources. For example, you can limit a Customer token to only provide access to a specific account with all of the cards, payments, and transactions within that account. This makes it easier to create account-level access and permissions. (docs)

Originate ACH Credit with PPD. When creating an ACH credit payment, you can override the default SEC code to be PPD (Prearranged Payment and Deposit Entry) which is common for one-time and recurring payments. To enable, contact your Success Manager. (docs)

Application declined information in Dashboard. Get more transparency and insight with additional information about why applications get declined in the Dashboard.

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