Monthly Recap

Product Update: October 2022


Selfie verification. Our newest fraud-mitigation feature helps to ensure that customers applying for bank accounts are who they say they are. Now customers can be asked to take a real-time photograph of themselves alongside a government-issued ID to ensure that the two images match. This opt-in feature can be activated for all or part of your customer base. (docs)

Deposit Products in Dashboard. Within your banking program, you can have many different deposit products; this enables you to customize how different accounts handle interest rate, fees, limits, clearing periods, and more. The Dashboard now shows all of your deposit products along with the settings for each.

Cash withdrawal amount attribute. Some retailers allow cash withdrawal to be combined with a purchase, for example withdrawing $20 cash from your account when you buy a Slurpee at 7-11. Authorizations and Purchases now include the cashWithdrawalAmount attribute so you can take action on these cash withdrawal events—for example, denying cash withdrawal transactions or subtracting the cash withdrawal from the total when applying rewards. (docs)

Disputes guide. In our new guide, we cover card disputes and ACH disputes. Learn about the roles and responsibilities of each party within the disputes process—and how they are governed by Regulation E, the Federal Reserve’s set of rules governing electronic fund transfers. (read more)

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