Monthly Recap

Product Updates: April 2021


We’re excited to share some of the new features that shipped this month at Unit. In addition to the updated application page to show evaluation flags that we shared earlier this month, we’ve also made the following updates to our API and platform.

  • Wire Support: All accounts on Unit can now receive wires.

  • Interest: You can now set an interest rate for any end-customer account on Unit, and even subsidize some of it. At the end of the month, interest is distributed to all accounts via an interest transaction. Interest you didn’t pay end-customers goes to your revenue account.

  • Card Control: You can now activate, set PIN, and replace cards.

  • Card Designs: Unit now lets you host multiple designs (e.g. standard, VIP) and specify a design name when creating & shipping physical cards.

  • Authorizations: Get notified in real time on every card use (amount + merchant + location + network data).

  • Searching by Card ID: You can now query and filter purchase transactions by card ID.

  • Searching by Tags: You can now query all objects by their tags.

  • Update Tags: You can now add, update, or delete tags on an ACH Payment.

  • New Event: Added a new event type for a change in card status.

  • Updating End-Customer Data: Our API now allows you to update address, tags, and more. Behind the scenes, Unit re-runs fraud & identity checks as necessary.

  • Update Counterparty: Added ability to relink existing counterparty with a new Plaid processor token.

  • Query Events: Added the ability to query events.

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