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Product Updates: June 2021


June was a huge month over here at Unit! We raised a $51 million Series B led by Accel, announced Unit Go (sign up here), and launched our Plaid Exchange integration. Read more about these updates and others below.

  • Node.js SDK: Unit now maintains an open source Node.js (Typescript) SDK on Github that wraps all resources and API endpoints to make it easier for you to build.

Expanded Plaid integration:

  • Plaid Exchange: You may now take advantage of Unit’s integration with Plaid Exchange, which enables Unit clients to be discoverable and connected to the more than 5,000 apps and services in the Plaid network. Read more about it on our blog post!

  • Plaid Identity: When creating a Counterparty with a Plaid token, you may now require that Unit verify the name of the account owner.

  • Plaid Balance: When creating a payment to a Counterparty with a Plaid token , you may now require that Unit verify the balance of the account at that time (mostly relevant for ACH debit).

And more updates:

  • Return Received ACH transaction API: You may now decide to return received ACH transactions programatically.

  • Added SAML/SSO: Unit clients are now able to authenticate with the Unit Dashboard using their own organization’s credentials.

  • Programmatic API Token Management: You may now create, view and revoke API tokens using our API.

  • Get Event By Id support: Every time a meaningful update happens on the Unit platform, we fire an Event using Webhooks. You may now pull the details of an event that was fired in the past using an API.

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