Rewards API


Today, we’re excited to announce the Rewards API which makes it even easier to track and manage rewards to customers. Rewards programs are one of the most powerful customer acquisition and retention mechanisms available to companies providing banking solutions.

Rewards API.gif

Now it’s easier than ever to build experiences that provide cash back, incentivize customer referrals, reward for specific transactions like paying rent, or give perks for shopping at particular retailers. The Rewards API provides a new endpoint dedicated to creating rewards which creates a new transaction type making it easier to query rewards data for reporting and customer experiences.

In addition to the Rewards API we are also announcing new partnerships with Kard, Patch, and Bumped, which allow you to create more rewarding and unique rewards programs.

  • Kard makes it simple to provide rewards to customers when they shop at specific retailers, with the reward to your customer provided by the merchant. Keep the interchange, and still give cash-back.

  • Patch makes creating environmentally beneficial transactions easier by allowing you to use interchange to fund the purchase of carbon-offset credits.

  • Bumped enables your customers to invest by using interchange to purchase fractional shares of stocks. Everyday purchases are now wealth building events.

You can learn more about rewards in our docs as well as our Rewards Guide. Any reward, incentive, or promotional program related to any banking product must be reviewed by Unit and approved by the bank before you launch it. If you’re interested in building a rewards program, connect with your success manager to get it approved.

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