Payments API

Transaction Enrichment


One of the most common challenges we see across banking experiences is confusing user interfaces because of incomplete card transaction data. When a card transaction occurs, the data provided commonly looks like “0787 PF LAUREL LLC” which is ambiguous and unusable for most people.

Today, we’re excited to release Transaction Enrichment which provides additional data to transform card transactions into information that is contextualized, understandable, and useful. 

Transaction Enrichment automatically cleans and structures data, providing the merchant name, logo, website, location, categories, and more. There are many ways to use this new data including the creation of better activity screens, reporting, analytics, and more. For example, card activity streams can include additional details about a specific purchase, or you can aggregate category data across many purchases to provide insights about spending habits.

In addition to better user experiences, a potential benefit of using clean transaction data is that your customers will be less likely to be confused and report fewer transactions as unauthorized.

If you’re interested in enriching transactions to create better customer experiences, please review the docs and contact your Customer Success Manager to get started.

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