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White-Label UIs: Components for iOS

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Over the last few months we released White-Label Components for Web as well as Android and React Native.

Today we’re excited to make available one of the most requested functionalities for White-Label UIs: Components for iOS. With these customizable building blocks you can easily build banking and lending into your iOS app, accelerating your time to market.

Now, companies building on iOS can minimize mobile engineering investment and build card management, activity streams, account management, and payment experiences. 

The Components available for iOS include: 

  • Card Component. Allow customers to see and manage their various cards - actions include activation, freezing/unfreezing, and more. 

  • Activity Component. Display a transaction activity stream on an account or card level. 

  • Account Component. Give customers the ability to manage their account information, view balances, and generate statements.

  • Payments Component. Allow customers to originate ACH credit payments. 

We will continue to release additional Components over the coming months. We invite you to follow along our roadmap for updates.

If you’re interested in implementing these Components, view our guide. You can also view our Component preview page and watch our live product demo.

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