Seeking feedback
Payments Lending API

Early Payment Access - Line of Credit

STAGE: Seeking feedback

Access a line of credit tied to your early payment access reserve account, reducing the amount you need to pre-fund in the reserve account in exchange for paying interest on the line of credit.

We are considering how to expand Unit's early payment access capabilities to make faster money movement more capital efficient. Do you want to enable your customers to access funds from payments before settlement? Are you looking for ways to do early payment access with less of your own capital involved?

We would love your feedback on what's important to you as you think about your needs and your customers needs around timely and capital efficient access to incoming payments.

Note: while we are committed to exploring this idea, we aren't committed to building it and don't know when it would be available if we do build it. If this item moves into Building Next on the roadmap, then we will be committed to building it and provide an estimated delivery timeframe.

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