White Label UIs

New Application Form

STAGE: Shipped

Our new White-Label Application Form now supports Credit Applications. This upgrade is optimized for conversion and makes it even easier for you to onboard new customers to your embedded banking and lending products.

New features of the optimized White-Label Application form include:

  • A robust lending application experience. This upgrade enables what you need to collect customer data for Credit Applications—and can be used to onboard end-customers for lending products (like Charge Cards). It features a native Plaid integration that collects your customer's transaction history and includes it in the underwriting.

  • Customization by use case and customer type. You can now provide different application experiences for different types of customers (e.g., employer vs. employee). Collected fields will change dynamically based on the applicant’s use case (e.g., individual vs. business).

  • Optimized conversion experience. In our new White-Label Application Form, we’ve optimized the application experience for both form submissions and acquisition. 

  • Responsive and secure. White-Label Application Form is a hosted experience. It’s based on a web component and can be used on any frontend framework, like React, Vue, and Angular. It’s designed to meet industry standards for security, fraud prevention, and compliance.

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