Hurdlr Integration


Today, we’re excited to announce that we’re making it easier for companies building on Unit to provide better financial management tools to small businesses and freelancers. Through our seamless integration with Hurdlr, you can now offer your customers a better way to manage their finances without having to build additional tools or data connections.

With this integration, your customers' transactions are automatically synced to Hurdlr to make it easier for them to do year-round accounting, bookkeeping, and income taxes.

  • Expense Tracking. Automatically label expense transactions with business and tax categories. The automated categorization leverages AI to improve over time.

  • Invoicing. Create, customize, schedule, and send invoices. Invoices can be integrated with the payment processors of your choice. Transactions deposited into a Unit powered deposit account will be automatically reconciled to the relevant invoice.

  • Accounting. Every expense, invoice, tax payment, etc. has the proper accrual basis accounting transactions tracked in the background.

  • Financial Reporting. Give customers financial reporting without requiring them to understand bookkeeping. Generate financial reports for Profit & Loss, Income, Expenses, Balance Sheet, Cash Flow Statement, and Trial Balance.

  • Taxes. Generate income tax estimates so your customers know what to pay and the required tax reporting documents.

Using our Partner Token functionality, the integration with Hurdlr is simple. All you need to do is create an account for your customer with Hurdlr, and then associate it with their customer account at Unit.

Bringing the financial management experience into your app is also made easier by integrating with Hurdlr. You can use white-labeled embeddable user interfaces for a quick and easy implementation or use their API to create more customized and flexible experiences.

If you’re interested in implementing the Hurdlr integration, please read our guide and contact your Customer Success Manager to get it set up.

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